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PURPLE CALYX blkPurple Calyx is a strain of high-grade indoor commercial cannabis from Calyx Garden in Humboldt County, California.

The Purple Calyx strain that we developed was the result of our Blueberry Calyx select purple male cut crossed with the legendary Purple Pineapple, also known as Purple Champagne.
The Purple Pineapple is cherished for it’s exceptionally big-dank-fruity nose and flavor. Many growers have given up on it due to its strong tendency to become a hermaphrodite and self pollinate under the slightest stress conditions. We have crossed our Blueberry Calyx into the Purple Pineapple and then back-crossed to the Purple Pineapple again. We selected a stable phenotype with all the desired traits from both parents that we have called Purple Calyx.

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